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A complete management solution to manpower's every day work.

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Manpower business is now playing a vital role in our economy and prosperity. To contribute on such noble motive Sarbadarshan Technology and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has developed a wonderful software solution which will help you to keep track of all local and foreign agents, information about all labor (including passport, visa, medical etc. information), full recruitment process documentation through the software . Simply we have developed a total solution to manage manpower business.

Manpower Management Software (MMS) allows to keep record of every local agent and foreign client, labor and visa sponsor. It keeps track of all visa including the sponsor and worker related with the visa. Medical update, visa processing, flight booking even the updates of every passengers after sending them to their destination.


  • Web Based Unlimited Data Store, Secure User management

    MMS is a web-based software. You can operate your software any part of the world by internet connection User can store unlimited data like visa, file, passport scan copy or photo upload. We ensure you highly secure software. Secure URL, login panel etc. By this module you can create user, edit, active, inactive them. You can also create role, assign role/permission, user activates tracking etc.

  • Profile management, Client Order Management, Passenger Flow Management, Basic Accounts

    Accounts In this module user can create various type of profile like client, passenger, and agent. User can view profile all information in this panel. Can search individual profile by different search option By this module you can manage client order like visa order and view order report. In this module you can manage passenger manage flow form passenger profile create to take off. Passenger’s profile create, visa assign, medical test, manpower approval, ticket assign are all including in this module.Income, expense, profit are key features in basic accounts module.

  • Basic HR Management, Smart Notification, Reports Management, File Upload

    Employee profile add, edit, salary, education qualification are key features in this module. By this software you can get smart notification system like email, system notification etc. You can get passenger, visa, accounts report by specific date, daily, monthly, annually etc. and filter different filter option.You can upload different type of file like photo, scan copy etc.


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